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Neighborly Help

The Neighborly Help allows you to interact with other players and to be rewarded for it.

The Neighborly Help for the helping player: If you visit another player’s city, you can find an option to help out one of its buildings. You can only help players you have already discovered on the map, and you can only help each of them, every 23 hours. To discover a player, you need to scout one of his neighboring provinces.

When visiting your neighbor’s city you will see the icon “Neighborly Help” under his portrait.To enable a helpful effect, just click on that icon and select one of the marked buildings in his city.

Neighbourly help.png

You will also receive rewards for your help:

  • You will receive an amount of Coins, which depends on your Main Hall level. You can see the current amount in a Tooltip, over the "Neighborly Help" info, in the Main Hall.
  • If you help someone who has already helped you within the last 23 hours, you will also receive Supplies.

After helping a player, a countdown timer will start. Once the time is over, you can help him again.

Neighborly help Counter.png

The timer is displayed on the World Map as well as on the Neighborly Help button tooltip of the player.

The Neighborly Help for the visited player: When you receive help In your own city, you will get a notification under your portrait. You will also see an icon above the buildings which received help. The effect of the Help depends on the building type and the actual bonus is displayed in its tooltip.

Received help.png

Neighborly Help Information
Building Conditions Action Effect
Main Hall Can receive help unlimited times per day. Donate The Main Hall generates Coins that can be instantly collected. The amount depends on its level.
Cultural Building Can only receive help once, every eight hours. Polish Double Cultural output for 8h.
Builders' Hut Needs to have an empty help slot to receive help (they are shown inside the building). The amount of slots depends on its level. Empty slots can receive help unlimited times per day. Motivate The next construction or upgrade you start, will use one filled slot in the builder’s hut and thus reduce the construction time by 10 %.