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===Visiting others===
===Visiting others===

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The World Map

The World Map is an important part of Elvenar, so you will visit it quite frequently. It consists of many different provinces and other towns which surround your town. Elvenar is a mysterious world full of secrets, but it is also peaceful. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with your neighbours and the area around you. Actually, you can visit any town right from the start.


Scouting Provinces

When you enter the World Map for the first time, you will immediately notice that most of the world is still unknown to you. In fact, the world map is not much more than a rough draft at the beginning. But you can frequently send scouts to bordering provinces to gain more information about them. The scouts demand a lot of coins for their efforts, but they are definitely worth the price.

Scout palette.png

Once their work is done, the province on the map gets lots more details (and colour!) and, most importantly, you can take a look inside and search for Relics. In addition, all neighbouring cities of that province will become discovered, too. This will make trading with those neighbours cheaper and you can start giving neighbourly help.


Collecting Relics

When you enter a province you previously scouted, you will see a detailed view of it. Your scouts marked interesting spots in the province where they spotted some people with an exclamation mark. You should check them out! Most likely, you will meet a trader there who might offer a Relic to you. You can’t have enough of these magical objects! But of course, they will come at a price. Maybe, you can also find a way to use your troops to get the Relic and save your resources. It’s up to you!

Relics collect.png

No matter how you get the Relic, it will always also increase your Knowledge. Or in other words: You will receive a Knowledge Point you can spend in the Research Tree to unlock technologies faster. The world map is great source of knowledge.

Reward .png

Visiting others

As has been noted, you can always pay a visit to your neighbours to get some inspiration for your own city. All neighbours in the nearer area are also your natural trading partners. You can exchange goods with them using your Trader, but theTrader will put a fee on top of the offering. So, trading with your unknown neighbours can be a bit expensive at first.

Once you have scouted a province next to a neighbour, things become more interesting. The neighbour then becomes “discovered” to you which will give you some opportunities to help each other: First, you can now give Neighbourly Help to him once a day. Visit him, activate the Neighbourly Help and select the building which you want to help.


You will receive some coins for your work, and, in case your neighbour also helped you within the last 24 hours, you will also receive supplies. In fact, if both of you do this regularly, you will receive additional supplies all the time.

The second effect of discovering a neighbour is the ability to trade with him without paying a fee. The trader will not demand a fee from you if you buy an offer from a discovered neighbour. So keep on scouting and discovering others!

Neighborly Help

The Neighborly Help allows you to interact with other players and to be rewarded for it. The Neighborly Help for the helping player: If you visit another player’s city, you can find an option to help out in one of their buildings. You can only help players you have discovered on the map already and you can only help each of them once a day. To discover a player you need to scout one of his neighboring provinces. When visiting your neighbor’s city you will see the icon “Neighborly Help” under his portrait.

Neighbourly help.png

To enable a helpful effect, just click on that icon and select one of the marked buildings in his city. You will also receive a reward for your help:

  • You will receive an amount of Coins, which depends on your Main Hall level. You will find the current amount in a Tooltip on the Neighborly Help Display Tooltip in the Main Hall.

This Tooltip also shows you which Bonus you will get if someone else helps your Main Hall.

  • If you help someone who has already helped you within the last 24 hours, you will also receive Supplies.

After helping a player a countdown timer will start. Once the time is over, you can help again.


The timer is displayed on the neighborly help button tooltip Tooltip and on the World Map. The Neighborly Help for the visited player: In your own city, you can see an icon above buildings who received help. The actual bonus effect of that building is displayed in its tooltip Tooltip. The effect of Help depends on the building type. You can also see the effect in the tooltip of the building.

Neighborly Help Information
Building Conditions Effect
Main Hall Can receive help unlimited times per day. The Main Hall generates Coins that can be instantly collected. The amount depends on its level.
Cultural Building Can receive help only once every eight hours. Double cultural output for 8h.
Builders' Hut Needs to have an empty help slot to receive help (they are shown inside the building). The amount of slots depends on its level. Empty slots can receive help unlimited times per day. The next construction or upgrade you start will use up one filled slot in the builder’s hut and thus reduce the construction time by 10 %.