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Culture helps you to ensure your population is healthy and productive. You will mainly need culture to upgrade buildings (together with Population and other resources). The higher the level of a building, the more Culture Points it will require. You can get Culture mainly from Cultural Buildings, but also from advanced street types.

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Culture Bonus

If you have more Culture than your upgraded buildings are currently using (the “Required Culture”), the remaining “Available Culture” will give you a Culture Bonus, which will increase your base resources productions of Coins and Supplies. You can get temporary additional “Available Culture” from Neighborly Help. This will help you to get to the higher levels of Culture Bonus.

There are 4 levels of culture bonuses:


Level 1 will increase your production rate from the standard 100 % to 120 %. You should definitely try to get this.

Level 2 will increase it from 120 % to 140 % and is not easy to achieve.

Level 3 will increase it from 140 % to 170 %, but you will rarely reach it without neighborly help.

Level 4 will increase it from 170 % to 200 %, only a steady flow of neighborly help will ensure you can get this bonus without having to occupy too much space for culture buildings.

Cultural Buildings


With Cultural Buildings you will make your city more beautiful and you will increase your available Culture. After unlocking a Cultural Building in the Research Menu, you will be able to build it via Build menu.


You need to unlock Cultural Buildings in the Research Menu. They can be moved, sold and rebuilt. They cannot be upgraded.

Sell Cultural Buildings: Over time, you will research newer Cultural Buildings which give more Culture. Often it is recommendable to exchange your older Cultural Buildings with the newer ones to save space in your city.

Overview Elves

Cultural buildings Overview Elves
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Building Requirements Costs Benefits
Size Construction Time Coins Supplies Diamonds Culture Population Neighborly HelpEffect
Luminous Signpost 1x1 10s 100 25 0 21 no
Purple Blossom Trees 1x3 1m 200 50 67 no
Shrine of Enar 3x3 10s 370 450 450 Culture /8h
Flying Boat 3x3 2h 23m 13.500 2.050 250 250 Culture/8h
Spot of Whispering Trees 4x3 3h 58m 29.900 4.480 400 400 Culture/8h
Well of Floating Islands 4x3 10s 620 440 400 440 Culture /8h
Ancient Runes 2x1 48m 6.530 963 60
Orange Berries Trees 3x1 1h 13m 9.790 1.440 92
Protector of the Woods 4x3 10s 620 840 840 Culture /8h
Statue of the Sacred Sage 1x2 59m 10.900 1.570 74
Gift of the Garden Fairy 1x1 29m 5.440 785 36
Vallorian Seasnake 3x4 10s 710 1.000 1000 Culture /8h
Mysterious Cyclone 3x3 4h 47m 74.900 10.800 440 440 Culture /8h
Famous Stone of Art 3x1 1h 38m 19.500 2.860 140
Crop of Joy 1x2 1h 05m 13.000 1.910 92
Mothertree 2x2 10s 290 400 400 Culture/8h
Temple of Ages 5x4 11h 38m 231.000 32.500 1.200 1.200 Culture/8h
Goddess of Fertility 3x3 10s 690 550 510 550 Culture/8h
Altar of the Forefathers 1x3 1h 47m 40.800 5.690 160
Nature's Blessing 2x1 1h 11m 27.200 3.800 100
Golden Torch Tower 3x3 10s 740 1.200 1.200 Culture/8h
Garden of Harmony 5x6 18h 22m 468.000 65.000 2.100 2.100 Culture/8h
Press on each building picture to see a bigger image.

Overview Humans