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At the beginning you start with a rather small area where you can build your city. The city map is an area divided into tiles and looks like a square grid where you can build up your city. You start with 15x10 tiles (the equivelent of 3x2 expansions).

But of course your goal is to expand and your biggest challenge is to do your best with the space at your disposal. To enlarge the buildable area you will need expansions. Each expansion increases the buildable area by 5x5 tiles.

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There are different ways to get expansions:

  • Research Expansions: You can unlock these expansions by researching the respective technologies in the Research menu. You will need Coins to place them or alternatively you can pay with Diamonds (Premium).
  • Province Expansions: You will receive these expansions as a reward if you complete all encounters of a certain amount of provinces. No Coins or Diamonds are needed to place Province Expansions. A tooltip in the Build menu on the Province Expansion will show you how many “Completed Provinces” you have and how many are “Required for the next expansion.”
  • Premium Expansions: These can only be paid with Diamonds. They are strictly limited, but for every Main Hall upgrade, one more expansion of this type will be available.